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Changing your hair color can be exciting, a chance to express yourself, or rejuvenate your look. Maybe you are trying a new style or refreshing your favorite color.

When it comes to hair color, you want to ensure you have an expert handling your hair. At Aveda Bethesda, you can expect quality hair care and professionals who care about your locks. When you are ready to refresh your look, check out our Bethesda women’s hair color salon for your desired hair treatment.

Many rely on box dye or other over-the-counter products for hair color, but these products simply cannot provide the level of care for your hair that our hair care professionals can provide.

That is because we are up to date on the latest techniques for hair coloring. The dye can often contain harsh chemicals that damage hair, so ensuring your hair is protected by an expert means you can expect long-lasting, even color that does not damage your hair.

When changing your hair color, our top priority is ensuring that your hair stays healthy during the process. Our services cover more than getting your hair the color you want — we also work hard to protect your hair from damage that can be caused during the color process without the right care.

Unsure where to start with your hair color options? Below are some of the treatment options you can expect from our team of hair care professionals:

  • Highlights – starting at $185
  • One step color – starting at $135
  • Color gloss –starting at $65
  • Balayage – starting at $225
  • Add On Treatments – $65, or $45 with a hair service

These add-on treatments include the following:

  • Botanical Repair Treatment
  • Nutriplenish Ultimate Hydration Treatment
  • Invati Treatment for Thicker, Fuller Hair
  • Scalp Solutions Hair and Scalp Treatment

You may have already reached out to another salon or even used an off-the-shelf dye for your hair, only to be unhappy with the results. The color may have been wrong, or it may have caused hair damage or even loss.

We know this can be frustrating and scary, and we are here to help. We offer consultations about corrective color for those who have received a service or product that did not turn out as they hoped. Our prices are based on consultations for color correction, as the options will depend on the type and intensity of the correction.

Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you, and it is one of the best ways to express yourself, so make sure your hair is the perfect color for you. If you are ready to dye your hair, our team is here to speak with you about the color and care we can provide to ensure your hair is exactly how you want.

When you are ready for your hair consultation, reach out to Aveda Bethesda about your hair color needs. You can expect quality care from our team when you need a Bethesda women’s hair color salon. Simply call or fill out our contact form for an appointment.

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When you need a refresh, you may visit your Bethesda salon and spa, like Aveda Bethesda. Our team can offer all the services you need and can help you feel more radiant than ever. 

When you are ready to connect with Aveda Bethesda, contact our team for a consultation. Our team can be reached by calling (301) 652-1610 or completing our online contact form.

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