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Keeping your skin smooth, soft, and beautiful can be a challenge. Life’s many stressors and experiences can take a toll on your skin, leaving it looking and feeling duller or even damaged. Taking time to care for your skin is a must to maintain a healthy glow, but without professional guidance, it can be difficult to get skincare solutions for your specific needs and skin type.

At Aveda Bethesda, we offer all the skin care solutions you need to stay glowing, healthy, and soft. Our Bethesda skin care salon is ready to help you get that beautiful glow back.

Everyone’s skin care needs are different, and every skin type has specific needs that should be considered before you attend your session. Fortunately, our team of professionals is prepared to analyze your skin type and determine exactly what type of treatment and treatment intensity is right for you and your skin.

Ready for your facial? Below are the services our skin care salon can provide those seeking skincare that gets beautiful results:

  • 30-minute facial – $100
  • 45-minute facial – $120
  • 60-minute facial – $140
  • Perfecting Plant Peel ($65 alone or $35 with a facial)
  • Vitamin C Serum (add-on $30)
  • Dual exfoliation treatment (60 min) – $195
  • Oxygen Astrodome Facials – ($295)

As we age, we may notice more fine lines, wrinkles, or pores that may impact how we feel. We want our clients to feel good about their appearance at any age, so we seek to provide treatment that clarifies and softens the texture of your skin.

Our dual exfoliation treatment can provide results in as little as one session, without invasive or harsh treatment for your skin. This powerful, naturally derived process can renew your skin and help you feel more beautiful than ever.

A facial peel can help your skin absorb the vitamins and nutrients it needs to shine. However, the nutrients your skin needs depend on your skin’s condition and type. For example, those with dry skin may need a different type of peel as opposed to those with oily skin.

Below are some of our options for peels, which you and our skin care experts can choose based on your skin type:

  • Vitality | Vitamin A Peel
  • Cranberry Crush | 5% Cranberry Enzyme Peel
  • Pedal to the Metal | 30% L-Lacic Acid Peel
  • Mocha Loca | 13% Chocolate L-lactic Acid Peel
  • Youth Accelerator | 20% Pumpkin Enzyme Peel
  • Cocktail™ | 15% Vermouth Twist Peel
  • Double Trouble™ | 20% Pomegranate Acai Peel
  • Vacation| 10% Mandelic Acid Peel
  • Skin Couture | 10% L-Lactic Oxygen Mousse Peel

At Aveda Bethesda, we care about providing the best possible skin care options for our clients based on their individual needs.

When you are ready to consult with our team at our salon and spa, reach out for your appointment to get started on your skincare journey. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to learn more.


Vitamin C helps promote the skin’s natural collagen production; smooth the appearance of dry, fine lines; and leave skin looking brighter and more radiant. Helps nourish and condition skin, leaving it feeling more soft and supple. Good for all skin types, including sensitive and acneic skin.


Performs like a 30% glycolic acid peel without the harsh side effects of redness or irritation ($65 alone or $35 with a facial)


Focus on dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness


High frequency tightens and detoxifies pores after extractions. Helps reduce inflammation, eliminates bacteria, and repairs the skin barrier. High frequency helps to treat a variety of skin issues including acne, fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness under the eyes. Utilizing a safe and gentle electrical current through a facial machine.


Microcurrent is a great alternative to Botox, fillers and will help firm up your skin naturally by increasing collagen production by up to 45% and strengthening elasticity by almost 50% in just one session. Low-grade safe current helps repair damaged skin cells caused by pollution and aging bringing the skin back to optimum health. This non-evasive treatment is safe for most skin types and will deliver noticeable results fast.


Celluma light therapy is a non-invasive medical treatment that uses specific wavelengths to destroy bacteria, improve acne, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and even help with medical conditions like chronic pain. It is a quick, pain-free procedure that entails no recovery time. Within a few treatment sessions, many patients experience dramatic results, and their skin often continues to improve over time.


The appropriate peel will be determined during your consultation with your esthetician.

Sircuit Skin Peels

**Vitality Peel: ** Accelerates cell turnover, reduces aging signs, and improves blemished skin. Ideal for mature and environmentally damaged skin.

**Cranberry Crush Peel: ** Light exfoliation for all skin types. Softens congestion and reveals healthy, glowing skin. Perfect for first-time peel users.

**Pedal to the Metal Peel: ** Intensive exfoliation, protects from free radicals. Suitable for most skin types, excluding sensitive and cuperase conditions.

**Mocha Loca Peel: ** Calming, therapeutic peel with chocolate and coffee. Eliminates dead skin cells, hydrates, and provides antioxidant protection. Suitable for normal, dry, and sensitive skin.

**Youth Accelerator Peel: ** Improves skin texture, revives dull complexions, and stimulates new cell production. Suitable for all skin conditions, except sensitive skin.

**Cocktail Peel: ** Highly effective Salicylic Acid peel enriched with Retinol and antioxidants. Stimulates cell turnover, suitable for normal to oily skin.

**Double Trouble Peel: ** Combines 20% chirally purified lactic acid with pomegranate and acai extracts. Exfoliates and provides lifting, firming benefits. Suitable for all skin conditions, especially mature, dry skin.

**Vacation Peel: ** Breaks up pore congestion, physical exfoliation, and hydrates. Suitable for all skin conditions, including sensitivity and hyperpigmentation.

**Skin Couture Peel: ** Medium-strength peel with L-Lactic acid, Retinol, and Fiflow® BTX. Enhances cellular renewal, stimulates collagen production, and suitable for all skin types, especially dry, dehydrated, dull, or aging skin.

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When you need a refresh, you may visit your Bethesda salon and spa, like Aveda Bethesda. Our team can offer all the services you need and can help you feel more radiant than ever. 

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