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Need a Total Body Massage?
A personalized massage experience customized with your favorite AVEDA aromas. Depending on your needs, a variety of massage techniques will be used. Massage is offered in three time frames:
30 minutes focus massage $110
60 minutes full body $135
90 minutes extended massage $170

Chakra Balancing Body Massage 90 min. | $185
The Aveda Chakra Balancing Body Massage seeks to create harmony in the chakra system using deep tissue techniques on the back, foot reflexology and energy work including breathing and visualization excercises to help reduce stress.

Hot Stone Massage
A massage that uses very warm stones to penetrate tense muscles and deeply relax the body.
60 min – $170
90 min – $210

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
By now you've likely heard the healing properties of Himalayan salt. Well, we've combined these healing properties into a relaxing heated stone massage to provide the ultimate in a soothing, healing, and relaxing massage.

  • Himalayan Salt Stones provide 84 essential minerals including iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and more
  • Heated salt stones generate negative ions shown to help create a sense of peace and a deeper sense of relaxation
  • Heated salt stones allow minerals to penetrate deep into muscles and joints
  • Salt stones moisturize and plump up the outer skin layers to leave skin feeling refreshed and glowing
  • Himalayan salt stones have been known to detoxify, help reduce insomnia, improve blood pressure and relieve stress
  • Our expert Massage Therapists have been specially trained to use the healing qualities of the salt stones to unlock their maximum impact

Add a dose of healing to your next massage experience with our Himalayan Salt Stone Massage.
Upgrade your massage for just $35.

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