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Bethesda Wax Services

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While our team believes in letting natural beauty shine through, we also understand that body hair can leave you feeling less than beautiful. You may have thick body hair that shaving does not control, or you may be looking to shape your eyebrows perfectly.

When seeking out Bethesda wax services, look no further than Aveda Bethesda. Our team is prepared to provide professional-grade waxing in comfort.

When seeking out waxing services from a salon or spa, the cost and intensity of your treatment will affect the price and the time it takes to complete your waxing. Some areas are more sensitive than others or may have different textures, making waxing more complex.

Fortunately, our services cover a wide range of body locations, so you can get the services you need no matter where you need waxing. Reach out to our team to schedule an appointment to wax any of the following areas:

Side burns
Back & Shoulders
Half arms
Full arms
Hands or Feet
French Bikini
Brazilian Bikini
Rear End
Lower Back
Full legs
Half legs
Back or Chest
Hands & Feet


Brow waxing services may include various services depending on the exact details you seek. For example, you may have thin eyebrows that need filling, reshaping, or regrowing. Our brow professionals can determine the best solution for your brows and ensure you get the right treatment.

Keep in mind that more complex brow services will raise the price. While a brow wax or tweeze (offered for those with sensitive skin) costs $35, you may want to upgrade to the deluxe brow ($65) or deluxe brow with tint ($85). These options offer brow care and a learning experience where our team will show you how to take these brow steps at home.

Waxing can be intense, especially if you have a skin condition, have sensitive skin, or use specific types of face lotion or prescription acne medication. These issues may impact your ability to use wax services effectively and comfortably.

Fortunately, our team always checks your skin before we ever begin waxing. We will analyze your skin, review any issues or potential effects, and schedule an appointment to reshape your hair.

When waxing your body, it can be easy to wax too far or to make a mistake in the shape of your hair. In other cases, you may be too afraid to pull the wax off to face the pain. Luckily, you do not have to handle your brow waxing, filling, and reshaping alone.

At Aveda Bethesda, we are here with all your Bethesda wax services available to clients like you. When you are ready to speak with our team, call (301) 652-1610 or complete our online contact form to schedule your appointment or consultation with our team.

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When you need a refresh, you may visit your Bethesda salon and spa, like Aveda Bethesda. Our team can offer all the services you need and can help you feel more radiant than ever. 

When you are ready to connect with Aveda Bethesda, contact our team for a consultation. Our team can be reached by calling (301) 652-1610 or completing our online contact form.

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