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Taking care of your nails is not only part of the beauty process but can also affect your health. Your nails and skin are connected to your general body health and confidence. Regular nail care promotes healthier and stronger nails, enhancing their clean appearance. Whether you select an exfoliating scrub, a foot massage after your pedicure, or your own design choice with your polish, our technicians will help provide a moment of tranquility for your day.

When you are ready to help care for your nails with a professional spa experience, reach out to the spa team at Aveda nail salon, Bethesda for all your nail and polish services.

At Bethesda nail salon you can trust our staff with your nails, no matter the kind of services you desire, whether you need typical nail salon treatments, are booking services for a special event, or are simply treating yourself to a nice manicure or pedicure.

Pedicure Services

Ready to make wearing sandals and other open-toed shoes more fun? Allow our skilled specialists in Bethesda to take care of your toes with a relaxing massage, created to invigorate and rejuvenate tired feet, leaving them more refreshed and pampered than just a simple polish. Show off yours with your choice of any of the following pedicure services:

With Polish
Polish Change
Gel Manicure
Gel Removal


Our Bethesda nail services cover any treatment you may need for beautiful nails, both for your fingers and toes. We want you, your toes, and your hands to feel and look your best. When your nails are in the best shape possible, you can exude confidence knowing that your hands and feet radiate elegance and beauty.

When you are ready for the following nail services, contact our team for a consultation. We are ready to speak with you about the services you seek and find the best time to schedule your spa appointment for your special manicure or pedicure.

Manicure Services

Your nails see a lot of wear and tear every day, so keeping them beautiful can be tough. Sit back and relax while our Bethesda specialists pamper you with a luxurious massage followed by your flawless choice of polish, in our serene spa environment. Our salon team can take the guesswork and pressure off you with our manicure services below:

With Polish
Polish Change
Gel Pedicure


You may be unsure what a bio-seaweed gel manicure can do for you when seeking a gel manicure. Our bio-seaweed gel manicure is notable for lacking the Big 5 chemicals often found in nail polish. These include formaldehyde, toluene, BHA, DBP, and solvents. These chemicals are toxic to the wearer, the nail care specialist, the area around the nails, and the environment.

Our bio-seaweed gel manicure is environmentally friendly and can also be good for your nails. Because it is Big 5 free, you should experience little dehydration, staining, damaged skin, or weakening of your nails. It is also cruelty-free and an excellent option for vegans. You can expect these gel manicure services to last for at least 2 to 3 weeks.

Taking care of your nails can help you look and feel your best, especially if you struggle to keep your nails beautiful. You may have nails that break easily or be concerned about chemicals that can worsen your nail health. Our team can consider these concerns and provide the care you want and need from our Bethesda nail care salon.

At our nail salon in Bethesda, your health and well-being are a top priority for our staff. Our spa is dedicated to making you comfortable and confident in your choice of services. Our technicians will walk you through your options while booking. Polish, design, mani, pedi, massage, and general spa experience, created to help your hands, feet, and skin feel fully pampered.

When you are ready for us to take care of all your nail care needs at Aveda Bethesda, contact our team for a consultation. We are excited to help you schedule your nail care appointment and get the right care for your needs and situation. When you are ready to schedule your appointment, call or fill out our online contact form.

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When you need a refresh, you may visit your Bethesda salon and spa, like Aveda Bethesda. Our team can offer all the services you need and can help you feel more radiant than ever. 

When you are ready to connect with Aveda Bethesda, contact our team for a consultation. Our team can be reached by calling (301) 652-1610 or completing our online contact form.

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