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Top 10 Short Haircuts for Women

Top 10 Short Haircuts for Women

December 8, 2023

You may be considering changing your hairstyle to a shorter style. Short hairstyles are very popular because they are super low maintenance, refreshing and cute. A short hairstyle can leave you looking healthy and youthful. Plus, it is always exciting to get a whole new look and feel!

It is important to consider your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle in mind when choosing a short hairstyle. The good news is that most short hairstyles are suitable for everyone. Keeping that in mind, it is never a bad idea to do a little research or book a consultation before your haircut appointment. There are many cute, short haircuts for women, here we will list some of our favorites. 

#1 The Bob

The bob is an all-time classic haircut, and what is so fun about them is that there are many variations to choose from. Besides a classic bob, there are the edgy bob, wavy bob, curly bob and tousled bob.  The bob hairstyle works well for women with fine hair by creating volume. Some styles are sleeker, while others are full of texture and volume. 

#2 The Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is probably one of the easiest short hairstyles to maintain.  This hairstyle works well with many face shapes. This is a very short haircut for women, with the sides being generally short with a little bit more length on top. A pixie cut is the perfect hairstyle to combine with other styles to make a hybrid style. 

#3 The Bixie

A bixie is a trendy cut that is a combination of a bob cut and a pixie cut. Blending the two haircuts offers fullness and versatility in a chic way. It is one the most popular up-and-coming hairstyles. This hairstyle works well with all face shapes and hair types. 

#4 The Lob with Bangs

This hairstyle is a very soft and pretty look. The haircut is a little longer than the previously listed ones, but it is still a short style. Adding a little curl to the ends gives it that soft look that is very popular right now. 

#5 The Pageboy

The pageboy is making a comeback. It is straight hair that usually hangs below the ear and is turned under. There are many stylish variations that are modernized and can be combined with other styles as well. They can be layered, curly, and shaggy. 

#6 The Shag with Curtain Bangs

A great haircut for boosting volume and adding movement is a shag. This style works with almost any hair type, so it is extremely popular. It has chopped layers with a center part and looks amazing with curtain bangs. 

#7 The Mullet

This hairstyle is a heavily layered look with longer pieces in the back. It is a truly playful style that can be shaggy, messy, or spiky. Sometimes it is referred to as the “shullet”. This look suits all types of hair, from super straight to curly. 

#8 The Buzzcut

A buzzcut is an eye-catching look. A very short haircut for women, a buzzcut is a way to put all the attention on your face. It makes all your features shine. There are variations for the buzz cut as well. They can be faded, have a bit of length on top, or even have designs added to it for extra flare.

#9 The Short Wolf Cut

A wolf cut is another combination of two hairstyles, the shag and the mullet. It is a short style full of chunky layers on top and wavier and wispier hair at the ends and in the back. It can be done at varying lengths and is usually accompanied by bangs. 

#10 The Short Afro

There are a lot of cute hairstyles for naturally curly hair. The short afro is a popular style with many variations as well. You can add twist outs, knots, and shaved sides to add more personality. This hairstyle is also quick and easy to maintain. 

Schedule Your Short Haircut Appointment Today

Changing your look and going with a short hairstyle can be a big decision. There are many options to choose from, but working with an experienced professional can help you choose the best option for you. A new hairstyle can be empowering and should be an exciting experience. 

Here at Bethesda Aveda Salon and Spa, our goal is for our clients to have an enjoyable experience. Our staff is qualified, friendly, and experienced.  If you would like to book any of our salon or spa services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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