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Top 5 Popular Hair Colors

Top 5 Popular Hair Colors

December 8, 2023

Whether you have long hair or short, natural, or colored hair, you may look to a new color to change things up. Women naturally seek ways to freshen up their look with trendy colors that bring the wow factor or a tried and true color that flatters their facial features. 

Color inspiration can come from many places, such as modern art, fashionable color palettes, nature, or a mixture of any of these. Color trends are rarely restricted by season or year, instead they are always in style and trendy. Everything from ombré blends to soft balayage, reds to neon colors, and anything in between. 

Cowboy Copper

Salons are seeing glamorous and opulent copper as one of the top trends in hair color. Women seek the gorgeous leather tones of shimmery copper from a vibrant terra cotta copper to a lighter, subtle auburn hue. This gorgeous hue can be adjusted to compliment any skin tone, making any woman feel like a radiant goddess. You can’t go wrong with a stunning strawberry copper to emphasize your lighter skin tone or a luscious rich sienna to compliment your tan facial features.

Bronze Brunette 

Brunettes are in luck because it is currently one of the more popular colors being applied in salons. The brunette shades are numerous, and you can’t go wrong with any hue you decide to go with. Many women choose to go a shade lighter or darker than their natural color to help accentuate their facial features. 

Choose a medium golden brown with golden highlights to flatter your fair skin and illuminate your facial structure. A glossy chestnut shade will warm up your tan complexion and compliment your brown eyes. Many women add highlights to their brown hair to give a fresh look to their natural locks. Light brown hair is an in-demand hair color solution for brunettes and blondes alike.

Rose Red

If you are looking for a vibrant color change, red is a great choice. Some women go with red highlights to add some pop to their natural dark brown or auburn color. Red babylights on a cute bob cut are sure to look amazing. 

Another popular option that works with all hair shades is the gorgeous red ombré, as you can keep your natural blonde or brown hair and add flowing shades of red. Those who have dreamed of being born a red-head may choose to go all in and pick a mesmerizing red shade to cover their locks.

Beautiful Balayage

Balayage is considered the most modern color treatment that stylists create. Balayage breaks up the monotonous look of single shade colors, adding dimension and texture to different length hair styles. Balayage is fabulous because it always looks different from one woman to the next. 

It is truly a one-of-a-kind color. Your balayage look will depend on the length of your hair, your hair’s texture, and your base color. In addition, you can go with a bright and vibrant balayage highlighting the new color or choose a softer look that melts the colors together.

Color Craze

Hair is typically the first thing most people notice, which is why women veer toward the vibrant, bright colors of the rainbow to make a bold fashion statement. You have endless options of cute colors to choose from. 

Electric blue is an intense, eye-catching shade for anyone ready to show off their vibrant personality. This edgy and dynamic appearance adds a futuristic feel to various styles and cuts. 

A popular color for those looking to make a bold yet sophisticated statement are opting to go with silver siren. The striking transformation of this elegant and subtle color is versatile and works for many hairstyles while complimenting various skin tones.

Purple passion is the way to go if you are looking for the ultimate allure and sophistication. The rich and deep shades of purple can add an air of intrigue and mystery to your appearance, creating the ultimate bold transformation. 

Whether you are seeking subtle purple highlights or a full head of gorgeous purple hues, these bright purple colors will complement a variety of skin tones, making it the perfect option for any woman looking to make an adventurous statement.

At Aveda Bethesda Salon and Spa, we specialize in hair color treatments, offering our clients an array of hair color ideas that best suits their facial features while allowing them to make the ultimate personal statement through hairstyles. Reach out to our salon today to book an appointment for your next hair color.

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